A Sustainable Vision for Northern Colorado

My goal is to create a Colorado that benefits everyone, not just a select few.  I’m committed to standing up to powerful interests and making decisions that are best for our communities over the long haul. We are poised in HD65 to capitalize on being the epicenter of new energy innovation. What is your vision? Tell me!

I believe in listening to all sides, keeping an open mind, and finding common ground. We need less partisan division and more collaborative problem-solving in our political discourse.

My hard-working approach is to dig into the details while keeping the big picture in mind. I’ll bring that same work ethic to Denver to represent our district.

I’m guided by the principle, “follow the money.” We must be aware of who benefits from the decisions being made and ensure those decisions truly serve the public good.

This means holding corporations and government agencies accountable when their actions harm our health, safety, or environment or undermine our local businesses. It means demanding transparency and accountability from industries and bureaucrats that impact our lives. It means ensuring that development benefits our communities and respects local control.

I can’t promise to fix every problem, but I can promise to bring these values and principles to my work in Denver. I’ll collaborate with colleagues of all stripes to find solutions that benefit everyone in our district. With a Democratic majority in the legislature, I believe I have a strong opportunity to make a real difference.

Let’s work together to build a better Colorado for all of us.